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Porsche Performance Parts – Best To improve Vehicle performance And safely


You're a lucky that you have a car. Your car gives you joy on weekends or going to work, gives you the joy when you need to start your day. It does not matter if it is a Porsche 911 -80s, or any other model with the 1.9 TDI engine indestructible. And if your car is a simple utility, you also have the right to have fun behind the wheel. Here are a few affordable changes in term of Porsche performance parts that substantially improve and secure the performance and dynamics of your car. With these improvements, your car will be faster and more fun.

Tires sports court
The tire is the only element that connects the car to the ground. A piece of rubber that we overlooked too often, but that is ultimately responsible for the dynamics of the car. Stay away from Chinese brands or low-quality second-hand tires, and remember that a worn tire has a very poor performance. There are many sports court tires supplied by brands such as Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone or Pirelli, with excellent lateral grip and a very good feel of driving.

New tires
You can mount winter tires with standard tires if you live in an area with harsh climate. A 19-inch wheel in an Opel Corsa 100 HP does not help your car. But perhaps it helps a rim 16 inches in which you can mount a sportier tire without sacrificing performance greater width. It is a decision also closely linked to aesthetics and a decision that more is not always better. There is a huge variety of very pretty affordable tires, which can transform the entire dynamic of your car.

Install a sports kit admission
You will not win 10 HP at an engine 75 HP, but you could win if your engine has 250 HP. A number of aftermarket parts manufacturers offer sports kits admission, which can increase the power of your engine - depending on engine size and power, of course - between 3 HP and 10 HP. Its shape optimizes the flow of air to the engine to reduce the intake temperature. You can install the same in a few minutes with basic tools and clear instructions.

Sporting Escapes An emptying catalyst increases engine power, but not pass the ITV, is unethical and could be fined. It does not mean the typical "tubarro" not go beyond quiet. I mean less restrictive exhaust lines, with less curves and an optimized geometry for optimal evacuation of exhaust gasses. Although, its price is higher, you can find complete lines to replace the engine exhaust manifolds. Either way, you will achieve a few extra horses and if you give with the right system, your car sound better. Remember that sound volume and quality of it is not always the same.


Latiguillos steel brakes

In many cases the improvement not too noticeable, but it is a world when combined with a good braking equipment. Hoses metal not deform as hoses rubber most cars have a standard. The pedal feels not return cancellous in heavy braking, and even in normal driving feel more natural response by transmitting more efficiently the pressurized hydraulic fluid. They also have added advantage that they do not break or crack over time as if they have rubber hoses.

Anti-roll bars
Increase chassis rigidity around the front and/or rear, with an immediate effect on the behavior of the drive shafts. Many drivers experience a total transformation of the car with this modification. What stabilizer bars get it is to increase the structural rigidity of the chassis, and are mounted in the front or rear axle. This greater rigidity has a positive multiplier effect on the dynamics of the car, more accurate and agile.

New shocks and springs sports moron
Many cars can improve their dynamic with the installation of new dampers and springs. Installation is a personal decision, but it is next to the stabilizer bars one of the improvements that are instantly reflected in the behavior of the car.

A new braking equipment
You will stand and will stand more strongly before Safety and performance of the hand. It is a matter of budget. High-performance brake pads improve braking power of your car but do not replace discs or brake calipers, and the price is affordable.

Reprograms the ECU System
In naturally aspirated engines reschedulings are safe, but the power gain is minimal. They are especially effective in turbo engines, increasing turbo pressure from the electronic brain of the car. It is recommend a very moderate reprogramming, which does not rise by more than 20% the power of the car. A further increase in power may require reinforcements or cause mechanical parts such as turbo shorten its life considerably. You go to an expert, always.

New seats, steering wheel, shift knob
A pineapple for the steering wheel or a light wheel without airbag are elements that threaten your security in case of accident. Modifies the way in which you communicate with the car, and make it more efficient. Sports seats - sometimes units scrap the GTI version of your car - or shorter lever changes will make you can focus more on driving rather than having to struggle with the forces of physics. A shorter lever changes allow you to shift gears more quickly.

Always remember to do these modifications with safety and spare no expense. Affordable is not like cheap: cheap is expensive and sometimes it is better to forgo a whim to buy a product of dubious reliability and performance. Internet and forums - whether general or specific to your brand or model of car - are an excellent source of information if you want to improve the performance of your Porsche car. - The largest Champion Porsche Dealer Miami offers Porsche parts sale and full-service garage facility. For a better torque and improved performance, talk to a Power Specialist at!
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